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Shanxi Financial Holding • Rural revitalization Shanxi Financial Holding Village Support Team Work Trends 2021 1st phase (Total 1st phase)

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 Shanxi Financial Holding Group Party secretary, chairman Zhang Jiongwei and his delegationDeep in the three jiao town of Linxian village to help work

Conduct research and guidance

In order to effectively do a good job in the orderly connection of poverty alleviation and rural revitalization, bravely shoulder social responsibilities and demonstrate the responsibility of state-owned enterprises。On May 26, Zhang Jiongwei, Party secretary and chairman of Shanxi Financial Holding Group, went to Sanjiao Town of Linxian County to conduct research and guidance on village assistance work。


In the Zao Ge 垯 village Committee, Chairman Zhang Jiongwei and his delegation held a symposium with the former poverty-alleviation cadres and the newly selected first Secretary and staff members in the village。At the meeting, Chairman Zhang Jiongwei communicated with everyone cordially, fully affirmed the outstanding achievements made by the front-line players fighting against poverty, and praised all the new and old players to give up their small families, take care of everyone, and fulfill their mission;I hope you can give this unforgettable experience and harvest to the future work, and create new achievements in their respective positions。In his speech, the former captain Ren Freeze and the new captain Li Jinzhong unanimously expressed their gratitude to the Party Committee and various departments of the group for their strong support and no micro care, and will strictly implement the relevant requirements for the handover of village help work to ensure that the village help is seamless。


After the forum, Chairman Zhang Jiongwei and everyone walked to the Zao Ge 垯 village vegetable greenhouse planting base, and had a cordial exchange with the co-op leaders and workers, and stressed that everyone should help develop rural industries, promote high-quality and efficient agriculture, livable and viable rural areas, and prosperous farmers。

At the site of the work team, I understood and observed everyone's working and living environment in detail and told everyone to go to the mission with passion, fulfill their promise with action, carry forward the spirit of nails, adhere to a blueprint to the end, and let the masses have more sense of gain and happiness in the development of the industry。

In Sunjiagou Village,The secretary of the village branch made a comprehensive and systematic elaboration on the current development and future planning of the village,We walk and see and understand,Chairman Zhang Jiongwei asked everyone to dig deep red resources,Integration of characteristic culture, flexible to adopt a variety of ways,Implement the major task of Party history study and education in all aspects through multiple measures,Carefully build local party spirit education base,Pass on red memories,Draw the red power。


In the investigation, Chairman Zhang Jiongwei stressed that everyone should have the mentality of catching up with the exam and the attitude of a striver, focusing on three aspects。One is to work hard。Rural revitalization is a national strategy, all the team members should deeply study and implement the work deployment of the Party Central Committee and the provincial Party Committee, deeply understand the heavy responsibility and glorious mission, and effectively do a good job in the village。The second is to work with emotion。Get along with the people with the truth, get the trust of the people with the truth, and interpret the love of the people with the truth。The third is to act。Choose the path of rural revitalization as soon as possible, do a good job in the planning of assistance projects, really work hard, roll up your sleeves to do it, stimulate the vitality of resource elements in villages, and actively promote the implementation of key tasks。