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Shanxi Financial Holding • Rural revitalization Shanxi Financial Holding Village support Team Work Trends 2021 4th (total 4th)

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Shanxi Financial Holding GroupZao Ge 垯 village work team joint help village party branch

Organized a series to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China活动

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Relive the century-old history and feel the great power of thought。To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China,June 25 - July 2,The work team of Shanxi Financial Holding Group in Zao Ge 垯 jointly carried out a series of rich content and far-reaching celebration activities,Hope to gather strength with solid activities,Inspire grassroots Party members to love the Party and patriotism,Boost rural revitalization,A gift for the party's centennial birthday。

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6月25日,枣圪垯村党支部足彩投注开展了“学党史、讲党课”宣讲活动,三交镇政府包片足彩投注领导秦宇亮以《足彩投注平台》为题为全体党员干部上了一堂生动的党课。Party lessons through a large number of historical events,Review the glorious course of the Party's united and led the Chinese people in their unremitting struggle and the great historical contributions it has made,In the activity, everyone studied and educated around the Party history being carried out,Combine their own work practice and learning experience,Talk about knowledge, exchange ideas,For higher quality to promote the work of Zao Ge 垯 village positive suggestions。

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The award is a courtesy, intended to set an example and establish good guidance。On June 29, the Party branch of Zao Ge 垯 village organized home party members to watch the ceremony of the "July 1 Medal" award. Everyone at the scene said that they should learn the spiritual style of the recipients of the "July 1 Medal" and learn their noble quality and spirit of Communist people's firm belief, practice purpose, hard work and dedication, honesty and public service。

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"Fifty years of party life, fifty years of glory"。In order to further enhance the sense of honor of the old party members, continue to maintain the enduring nature of the Communists。On June 30, the work team of Shanxi Financial Holding Group in the village carried out activities to visit the veteran party members who have been in the Party for more than 50 years, bringing the Party's care and organizational warmth to them。During the visit, Comrade Li Jinzhong, the captain of the work team, had a cordial conversation with the old party members, got a detailed understanding of their thoughts, lives and health conditions, and praised their contributions to the cause of the Party。The old party members are deeply grateful for the organization's concern and care, and have said that they will not forget their original heart, always go with the party, and contribute their own strength to rural revitalization as always。

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On July 2, the Party branch of Zao Ge 垯 village held a conference to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Party。首先组织全体党员观看了庆祝中国共产党建党100周年大会现场实况,认真聆听了足彩投注总书记在大会上的重要讲话。Everyone said that watching the congress is a vivid party lesson education, deeply feel the sense of honor as a Communist Party member, further stimulate the vigorous enthusiasm of Party members and cadres to love the Party, and integrate the Party's sincerity and loyalty into the great cause of serving the people wholeheartedly。At the same time, in strict accordance with the procedures for the development of party members, the memorial conference also fairly and fairly elected three Party members and one development object through the meeting discussion and secret ballot, injecting fresh blood into the Party organization and expanding the ranks of party members。

The launch of a series of activities to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China has made the majority of Party members and cadres deeply understand the brilliant course of the Communist Party of China's centennial years, understand the heroic stories of the song and cry, enhance national self-esteem, self-confidence, pride, and consolidate the firm belief of grass-roots party members to listen to the Party and follow the Party。Shanxi Financial Holding Group working team in Zao Ge 垯 village will celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Party and carry out party history learning education as a new starting point,Learn party history, understand ideas, do practical things, open a new bureau,With never slack mental state and indomitable struggle attitude,Strive to make new achievements in the new journey,Strive to write a more colorful chapter of rural revitalization。