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Good news!Shanxi Equity Trading Center under Shanxi Financial Holding was awarded the first "two-star National Youth Civilization Number"

Release time: 2023-10-10 18:59:04Published by: Party and Mass Work Department

Recently, the results of the 21st National Youth Civilization selection were officially released, and 44 collective titles from Shanxi were honored。Shanxi Equity Trading Center under Shanxi Financial Holding was listed and identified as the first "two-star National Youth Civilization Number".。


In recent years,The Youth League Committee of Shanxi Financial Holding Group has carried out the work of creating the youth civilization number,Service management work as the core,Focus on improving service quality,Create work as a vehicle,In the sales department, external window and other units,A series of activities such as "The Trumpet is Loud, the Youth Civilization Report to the Motherland" and "the Youth Civilization Open Week" have been carried out extensively,To organize and guide the majority of young workers to make contributions to their posts, explore and innovate,Strive to build Shanxi Financial Holding high-quality financial service brand,It shows the good professional quality and professional civilization of Shanxi Financial Holding youth。The group system has 2 national youth civilization numbers, 10 provincial youth civilization numbers, 4 provincial youth civilization numbers, and 6 group youth civilization numbers, and the brand effect of youth civilization numbers has been further released and its role has been further highlighted。

As the only regional equity market operator in Shanxi Province, the company has a team of young people with an average age of 35 years old who are dedicated to serving the real economy and helping Shanxi's high-quality economic development。Since the creation of Youth Civilization,Shanxi equity to "financial lead.,Tree four board new benchmark;First-class service,Exhibition equity new style "to create the theme,"Creativity, entrepreneurship, innovation,"Integration of wisdom, financing, integration" is the slogan of creation,Will create work and serve the province's youth entrepreneurial enterprises organic combination,In building a comprehensive financial service platform for small, medium and micro enterprises, a private equity investment and financing service platform, and a normative guidance platform for listed enterprises, we are brave to be pioneers and commandos,We will continuously improve the quality and effectiveness of regional equity markets in serving the real economy。Up to now, there are 3,979 equity cultivation enterprises in Shanxi, 27 enterprises successfully transferred to the New third Board, 2 listed on the Beijing Stock Exchange, and 1,766 registered custody enterprises, completing the equity custody of 94% of local commercial banks in the province, ranking first in the number of custodians in the country, and helping enterprises to achieve a total of 240 financing.4.9 billion yuan, providing strong financial support for the development of small, medium and micro enterprises in the province。

This time, Shanxi Equity was awarded the first batch of "two-star National Youth Civilization number", which set a benchmark for the youth civilization number at all levels of Shanxi Financial Holding。next,The Youth League Committee of Shanxi Financial Holding Group will further increase the creation of the system-wide youth civilization number,Build a multi-level youth civilization echelon,Effectively give play to the demonstration and leading role of the Youth Civilization group in high-quality development,Encourage young people to devote themselves to work practice,Make greater contribution to the high-quality development of Shanxi economy。