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The reunion finance control went to a youth appointment

Release time: 2023-11-23 11:55:17Published by: Party and Mass Work Department

Early winter, sweet encounter。On November 12, sponsored by the provincial Youth League Work Committee, the "Youth Covenant" single youth fellowship activity and the second phase of the provincial organ "Youth Covenant" hosted by the Shanxi Financial Holding Group trade union and the Youth League Committee was held in Shanxi World Trade Hotel。More than 70 single young people from more than 20 units such as provincial departments, provincial enterprises, and financial institutions met in the name of love in early winter to go to a romantic youth appointment。Yao LAN, secretary of the Provincial Youth League Working Committee, Zhu Jie, a temporary cadre of the provincial Youth League Working Committee, was present to guide。  

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Colorful balloons, exquisite desserts, cute dolls, live atmosphere。With a vision and expectation of the young people, in the signing place to get a special number card and take photos, a romantic journey began。

In order to let the young friends who met for the first time quickly "break the ice", the activity carefully planned five fun sports, the male and female guests were divided into six teams to compete, so that everyone can narrow the distance between each other in the game。

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With the classic game "Tetris" music sounded, the teams of male and female guests holding inflatable puzzles, running quickly, you chase me, the scene suddenly lively, the kind of restraint and tension between everyone suddenly disappeared。

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"Fun Hannota" is not only a competition of speed and intelligence, but also a competition of teamwork ability. Under the leadership of the captain, the players unite and help each other, work together, gather team wisdom, and unlock the barrier。

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The "dry dragon boat" ceremony is full of feeling, the team members jump on the dragon boat one by one, Shouting the trumpet of 1212, the footsteps move with the trumpet, and the neat movements are gradually approaching the destination, and the cooperation of the male and female guests is becoming more and more tacit。


Next is "rolling forward", each group of male and female guests match, some push, some pass, some place, work together, rolling forward, relaxed and happy atmosphere is full of the audience。 

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"Football target", the players you a foot I a foot, football at our feet, fly up again and again, life hit the target, this skill and luck of the game, let everyone cheer。

Through the intense fun games, the young people fully communicated in the game and sports, showed their unique competitive style, quickly increased understanding and deepened impressions, and the distance between everyone from new acquaintance to familiarity, from ice-breaking to tacit understanding。


Finally, into the popular male and female guests selection, confession hand in hand, the host encouraged everyone to open their hearts, enthusiasm, initiative, bold pursuit of love。The male and female guests respectively gave roses and lollipops in their hands to their favorite objects, taking the first step of inviting them to join hands and becoming good friends。In the romantic atmosphere, a total of 6 pairs of male and female guests successfully hand in hand, they walked on the stage hand in hand, Shanxi Financial Holding Group trade union, Youth League Committee sent them a warm "hand in hand gift package"。 

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It is the duty of trade unions and the Communist Youth League to serve young workers。This event focuses on the new needs of young workers,Adapt to the new changes of young workers,Strengthen service awareness,For the majority of young workers to build friends, communication, friendship platform,Broaden communication channels for young workers,Enrich the spare time life of young workers,Arouses the enthusiasm of young workers,Create a healthy vitality, people-oriented good enterprise atmosphere。