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[People around me] An ordinary family after 90

Release time: 2022-12-19 10:00:00Published by: Party and Mass Work Department

In recent years, according to the relevant arrangements of superiors, Shanxi Financial Holding Group has organized and carried out the selection and recommendation of moral models, civilized families, civilized Windows, excellent volunteers and other work, and unearthed many typical deeds。These deeds show the leading force and appeal of Shanxi Financial Holding Group's corporate culture, and create a good cultural atmosphere in the Shanxi Financial Holding Group system。Especially at the critical juncture of epidemic prevention and control this year, the majority of cadres and front-line employees took the lead, took the lead, helped each other and made every effort to fight the epidemic, and many touching stories emerged。One after anotherThe touching moment of "gold control person" warms and washes the people around you and me, and the typical deeds of "gold control person" one after another move our admiration for morality in the depths of our hearts。To this end, we set up the topic of "People around us · Things around us" and continue to publish the advanced typical deeds emerging from Shanxi Financial Holding Group to show style with deeds and gather strength with culture。Today, we study togetherJinjin Institute of Information Technology Department Chen Jianliang deeds。

There is such a pair9Post-0 couple: Husband Chen Jianliang, a system development engineer in Shanxi Financial Assets Trading Center Co., LTD., wife Li Mingxing, a surgical supervisor in Shanxi People's Hospital, they are in非常The extraordinary choice of times brings us backThe one in early 2020 was resolutely retrograde——The ordinary always brings usMuch moved and inspired。

In the face of the epidemic,The courage of an ordinary family

2020年During the Spring FestivalPeople in the hometown of Linfen Chen Jianliang family, is a rare gathering for the New Year and happy busy。However, the news of the spread of the new coronavirus epidemic on TV has made Li, a medical worker, very sensitive。"This disease seems not simple, we Shanxi will not have, I.May need回去。Li Star talked with her husband Chen Jianliang about his speculationFor several days, she kept an eye on the situation and the work group,"I'm afraid the unit has a notice and I missed it。”

Sure enough, the development of the epidemic速度Far faster than people think, as one of the province's top three hospitalsShanxi Provincial People's Hospital has launched an initiative for all medical staff——"Support Wuhan, Fight the epidemic"。Hearing this "assembly signal", Li Mingxing could not sit still in her hometown, and she submitted the "anti-epidemic petition" to the unit for the first time.。It was the second day of the first lunar month, and this sudden change caught Chen Jianliang off guard.He held his wife's hand, her eyesBe full of worry。However, his wife Lee said"I am aMedical staff, but also a communistParty members, this is a time when we are needed, when ICan't back down。Years of mutual helpChen Jianliang深知The determination of the wife, but also know that the wife has been deeply loved for this professionSo theyAfter a good old man and children, overnight驱车Back to Taiyuan。

According to the organization, Star Lee was dividedThe fourth reserve team is ready to leave for Wuhan, thoughFor special reasonsIn the end, the trip did not happen, but the work of fighting the epidemic did not stop。No matter howThe epidemic prevention and control war in 2020, or the normal prevention and control in recent years, there is always Li Mingxing in the forefront of the team, and her husband Chen Jianliang is her most坚实Backup force of。Especially this year4月And recent Shanxi突发The epidemic, Li star once again set foot on the journey, has gone to Qingxu, small shop,大同、The Fourth People's Hospital等地Provide support and become an ordinary and honorable member of the epidemic prevention work“大白”。Due to the outstanding work in the fight against the epidemic表现Li Xing successively obtained the hospital512 International Nurses DayAdvanced individualSpecial award for fighting COVID-19Special Award for Epidemic Response in 2021Equal honor。

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Inheritance of family tradition一对年轻conjugalFirm choice

Home is a small country, the country is thousands of homes, this is the Chinese inheritance of the family feelings。Chen Jianliang'sGrandpa is an old red Army,Great importance is attached to the inheritance of good family traditionsMy grandfather used to say:"The people of our old Chen family should be responsible for their families, be dedicated to their work, contribute to society, be good-neighborly, lead by example, and take virtue as the root."Chen JianliangIs listening to Grandpa's red story,Listen to the party's voiceFeel party kindnessI grew up in an atmosphere of following the partyThe power of the older generation's role model continues to inspire在家To be a good husband, to be a promising young man at work

As a system engineer in the Information Technology Department of the company, Chen Jianliang is responsible for the company's network security maintenance, system vulnerability and development quality assessment, review of important data and technical data backup, implementation of system security management and other tasks。他Guard the company's back office network conscientiously with team members,To ensure the safe operation of the company's information system provides an important guarantee for the safe operation and efficient development of the company。

Outside of work, heDo not forget to participate in various public welfare activities,不仅积极参与Public welfare activities in Shanxi ProvinceHope engineering student activities and all kindsFundraiser,更在During the epidemic积极Join the ranks of volunteer service and practice civilized manners with ordinary things。

妻子As a surgical supervisor, Li Mingxing is busy rescuing and nursing patients all day, so that getting off work on time and taking a normal rest has become a luxury。Chen Jianliang作为家庭The most important support and backing, in order not to let the wife distracted, in the busy work to take the initiativeThe burden of taking care of the family,babysitting、陪With aging parents,The harmony of the big family cannot be separated from the efforts of Chen Jianliang。In his words,"Family is to understand and support each other, my wife's profession is sacred and honorable, I support her unconditionally!"

On weekdays, Mr. And Mrs. Chen are enthusiastic about helping their neighbors,During the epidemic, he actively participated in the community volunteer ranks,He gets on very well with his neighborsSpecial period, the husband and wife work busy, during the day the child can only be a person at home, one day unexpectedly locked themselves out of the door。Still kindNeighbor sisterUpon learning of this,Offered to babysit,I solved their urgent need。In this regard, Chen Jianliang saidAlthough the children are still young,May not understandParents work, but believe that one day, he will be proud of his parents。In their spare time, Mr. And Mrs. Chen JianliangOften take the children to read together, so"Whatever we like, we can get the answer from books."The idea ofCultivate childrenSet up at an early ageCorrect worldview, outlook on life and values

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Wife charged at"Epidemic line", husband support "rear"。A charge in front, a guard behind, this pair of "husband and wife file" with dedication and adherence to interpret the war "epidemic" responsibility and responsibility。

The anti-epidemic experience of Chen Jianliang's family not only explains medical workers"Respect for life" professional spiritCommunist Party members have the courage to take responsibilitySelfless dedication, but also let us see the new era of young people's efforts and promisingPositive, mutual respect and trust between them, mutual achievement, they use their own practical actions体现An ordinary family, a couple普通conjugal平凡"And" ExtraordinaryIt shows their responsibilityAnd dedication。