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【足彩投注】 Work together to fight the epidemic and overcome the difficulties

Release time: 2022-12-26 17:00:00Published by: Party and Mass Work Department

In recent years, according to the relevant arrangements of superiors, Shanxi Financial Holding Group has organized and carried out the selection and recommendation of moral models, civilized families, civilized Windows, excellent volunteers and other work, and unearthed many typical deeds。These deeds show the leading force and appeal of Shanxi Financial Holding Group's corporate culture, and create a good cultural atmosphere in the Shanxi Financial Holding Group system。Especially at the critical juncture of epidemic prevention and control this year, the majority of cadres and front-line employees took the lead, took the lead, helped each other and made every effort to fight the epidemic, and many touching stories emerged。One by one, the moving moments of the "gold control person" warm and wash the people around you and me, and the typical deeds of one by one "gold control person" move our admiration for morality in the depths of our hearts。To this end, we set up the topic of "People around us · Things around us" and continue to publish the advanced typical deeds emerging from Shanxi Financial Holding Group to show style with deeds and gather strength with culture。Today, we learn together Guoxin Medical Investment Company to fight "epidemic" deeds。 

In November 2022, Taiyuan was hit by the sixth round of the novel coronavirus epidemic this year, and the situation of normal epidemic prevention and control in our province was extremely severe and complicated。Guoxin Medical Investment actively responded to the call of the state and invested in the construction of a PCR gas membrane shelter nucleic acid detection laboratory with a daily detection volume of 100,000 tubes。After 10 days and nights of hard work, the gas film shelter laboratory completed the construction, equipment debugging, technical acceptance, and was officially put into use at 9 am on November 19。


On the evening of November 22, knowing that the gas membrane shelter laboratory was facing difficulties such as tight working time, heavy tasks and insufficient manpower for nucleic acid testing, Guoxin Medical Investment immediately initiated an initiative to all cadres and staff of the company, calling on everyone to join the front line of epidemic prevention and control and actively participate in epidemic prevention and control support work。Lu Sujun, secretary of the Party branch, led the team members, middle managers, employees and nearly 30 medical staff of the medical examination center in the comprehensive reform area immediately joined the front line to help coordinate all aspects of the operation of the shelter laboratory, cooperate with the completion of pre-inspection processing, information entry and other work, and jointly "build" the force against the epidemic。


As of November 30, the shelter laboratory provides testing services for the six urban areas of Taiyuan and Gujiao, Pingyao, Qingxu, Yuanping and other surrounding areas, with a cumulative detection volume of more than 660,000 tubes, and an average daily detection volume of 5.50,000 tubes, a total of more than 5.75 million people tested。


Jiayuan Outpatient Clinic under Guoxin Medical Investment, as a state-owned brand of primary medical and health institutions, actively assisted the epidemic prevention and control work。Under the leadership of Guo Xiaoming, the person in charge, and Lei Xiaojing, the head nurse, all the medical staff responded to the order and went out retrograde to support the nucleic acid sampling work, not afraid of danger, not afraid of hardship, continuous combat, and assist the community and school to optimize the sampling process。They have been to the University of Finance and Economics, Guangxin Guoxin Garden, Beichenyuan Community, Kangle Kindergarten, Hafuwo Kindergarten, Tongbao Yujie School, and South Yi community, Taihang community, Xuxi community to carry out nucleic acid sampling work for residents and students。During the lockdown period, some employees were transferred to other positions to participate in epidemic prevention and control work in the community。During the epidemic, more than 10,000 samples were collected。


As a company, it is necessary to maintain the normal operation of the clinic and fully support the daily nucleic acid collection work。The staff of Jiayuan outpatient clinic have no hesitation, where the lack of people is made up, and they have never taken a step back. They have supported the epidemic prevention and control work in small stores with practical actions, demonstrating the responsibility and responsibility of state-owned enterprises。