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【足彩投注平台】 Practice the oath, Chongde to be a qualified Communist Party member in the new era

Release time: 2022-12-30 16:00:00Published by: Party and Mass Work Department

In recent years, according to the relevant arrangements of superiors, Shanxi Financial Holding Group has organized and carried out the selection and recommendation of moral models, civilized families, civilized Windows, excellent volunteers and other work, and unearthed many typical deeds。These deeds show the leading force and appeal of Shanxi Financial Holding Group's corporate culture, and create a good cultural atmosphere in the Shanxi Financial Holding Group system。Especially at the critical juncture of epidemic prevention and control this year, the majority of cadres and front-line employees took the lead, took the lead, helped each other and made every effort to fight the epidemic, and many touching stories emerged。One after anotherFinancial controllerTouching moments, warm, washing around you and me, one after anotherFinancial controllerTypical deeds, touching our hearts of the deep respect for morality。To this end, we set up "People around.·The theme of "Around things" continues to publish the advanced typical deeds of Shanxi Financial Holding Group, showing style with deeds and gathering strength with culture。Today, we study togetherShanxi equity trading center subsidiary Shanxi Jinxing Capital Market Development Service Co., LTD., deputy secretary of the party branch, deputy general manager Tian JunweiDeed of。


Once you join the army, the soul of the army, a soundA lifetime to。Whether wearing a military uniform to defend the country, or take off the military uniform, Tian Junwei does not change the military style, practice the sonorous oath when joining the party, regardless of work, or volunteer service, he loves his job, charges in front, bearing in mind the original heart mission, practice responsibility。

20224In October, the sudden epidemic once again broke the calm of Taiyuan City, and prevention and control became the top priority。Race against time, fight against the virus。Tian Junwei as a veteran, when this no smoke战役The moment it started,积极In response to the call of the provincial Working Committee and the Party Committee of the Financial Holding Group, he volunteered to join the anti-epidemic front line, joined the volunteer team of Xiaodian Street in Taiyuan City, and became the main member of the temporary party branch。

All this time, he's been on the front line. Where危险Where? Where's the heavy workIt is common to fight until the early morning every day, which is more than half a month。The subway station near Tongda Street is used as a temporary nucleic acid test point, and he has to go early every time领活Pull materials, coordinate with the community grid staff to put tables and chairs in place……Nucleic acid test began, and incarnate大白He was responsible for guiding residents and easing their emotions, and set a good example for other volunteers。He's also in charge of the precinct114Community patrol, encourage the residents to return to work。Patrol every afternoon4Hours, walking tens of thousands of steps, becoming the volunteer who walked the most steps。He always said:With our size, these jobs are easy!

2022413日,114Community residents in the group, Tian Junwei helped the octogenarian down the steps of a photo became热点This is a heart-warming moment quietly recorded by a resident on his mobile phone。That afternoon, when persuading Zhadui residents to return, an octogenarian walked hobbly, Tian Junwei a quick step forward, holding the old man down the steps, watching the old man into the unit building, he went to the next one。In order to solve the procurement problem, find ways to contact the Qingxu farmer Zhang Jianjian, Zhang Erjian two love brothers, through the enthusiasm to pull a bridge, the night, full load5000Vehicles loaded with vegetables slowly rolled into the Tongda neighborhood, and bags of green lettuce were distributed to residents。


Tian Junwei, who participated in the anti-epidemic white and black rotation, did not fall behind his own work, and held video conferences with colleagues at home and office every day to help enterprises rescue online and maximize their efforts to help enterprises。

Those who are familiar with him know that Tian Junwei's lover is the staff of Shanxi Bethune Hospital, and his lover sticks to his post for several days without going home, the coupleWhite and blackBusy fighting the epidemic, the child followed the grandmother and grandfather。The old people told them:You don't worry about doing things, we have home!在家Tian Junwei is a good son, a good husband and a good father。For the elderly on both sides, he often talks with the elderly in his busy work, not only caring and considerate of the elderly in life, but also caring about the elderly in thought, so that parents can live a happy and healthy life。For the child, no matter how busy the work is, when he comes home, he always takes time to accompany him, read picture books, accompany him to play, teach the child the truth of life and work, and build a warm, harmonious and upward model family of Party members together with his family。

In order to encourage employees to worship morality and become good, Shanxi equity trading Center has set up employeesEthical banking。Tian Junwei is an active participant。2022Before the June 1 Children's Day, he and his colleagues donated books for the students of Yingze Gangdao Primary School in Taiyuan City, went to Shuangta Village, Sanjiao Town, Linxian County, Luliang City, to understand the needs of people's livelihood and the development status of rural industries, and studied the measures for regional equity markets to help villagers increase their income。He also raised financial aid for Yang Mingyu, Yingtou Village, Bajiao Town, Shenchi County, for two consecutive years……In the company, hisEthical bankingIntegral reached90Points, among the top party members。


As the deputy secretary of the Party branch of Jinxing Capital, he insisted onLearn from a strong countryPlatform for theoretical knowledge learning, integral reach6.2Points, ranked first in the company's learning ranking, and strive to achieve the unity of knowledge and action, the love of the Party and dedication into the actual work。

The successful conclusion of the Party's 20th National Congress issued a great call to the whole Party to forge ahead on a new journey。As a Communist Party member on the financial front, Tian Junwei said that he should use faith, hard work, responsibility, innovation, with initial intention, based on the position, forge ahead, and contribute youth to promote high-quality development。