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[People and things around] Let the "child from the stars" no longer lonely

Release time: 2023-01-10 11:25:00Published by: Party and Mass Work Department

In recent years, according to the relevant arrangements of superiors, Shanxi Financial Holding Group has organized and carried out the selection and recommendation of moral models, civilized families, civilized Windows, excellent volunteers and other work, and unearthed many typical deeds。These deeds show the leading force and appeal of Shanxi Financial Holding Group's corporate culture, and create a good cultural atmosphere in the Shanxi Financial Holding Group system。Especially at the critical juncture of epidemic prevention and control, the majority of cadres and front-line employees took the lead, took the lead, helped each other and made every effort to fight the epidemic, and many touching stories emerged。One by one, the moving moments of the "gold control person" warm and wash the people around you and me, and the typical deeds of one by one "gold control person" move our admiration for morality in the depths of our hearts。To this end, we set up the topic of "People around us · Things around us" and continue to publish the advanced typical deeds emerging from Shanxi Financial Holding Group to show style with deeds and gather strength with culture。Today, we will learn the story of Gao Yueyang from the audit risk control Department of Shanxi Financial Holding Capital Company。


Light a lamp for the child of the stars

A few years ago, by chance, she walked into this special group - autistic children, and since then, she has been committed to understanding that they need more care and acceptance, and strive to help them and their peers, light a light for the children of the stars。She is Gao Yueyang, audit risk control department of Shanxi Financial Control Capital Management Co., LTD。

    In her eyes, autistic children are obviously very close to their parents and relatives, but "blind" and "deaf", living in their own world, as if the distant stars in the sky were shining alone。They are autistic and are known as "children of the stars."。But behind this romantic name is the harsh reality of autistic children's delayed speech development, interpersonal difficulties, narrow interests and rigid behavior。

stay true to the mission,Approaching "Child of the Stars"

After completing her master's internship in 2015, Gao Yueyang decided to return to China and build her hometown。In her spare time, she actively participates in social welfare organizations offering love and fixed-point help activities。Based on her work experience in the community, she participated in the organization of the Taiyuan Overseas Returnees Club to offer sympathy activities, and learned that there are such a group of unfortunate children around us。

Children with autism are called "star children", they are like the stars in the sky, shining alone in the distant and dark night sky。However, behind this beautiful and romantic name is often the abandonment of family, social distortion and lack of education。They need more understanding, love and acceptance。"I want to do my little bit to light a light for the children of the stars.。Fangzhou Autism Rehabilitation Institute, located at the intersection of Pingyang Road and South Central Street, is a private school dedicated to the rehabilitation of autistic children in the province. It was initiated by President Fan Shilu in 2005. At present, children from all over the province come here for study and treatment。

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    Through the introduction of the dean, she learned about the development process of the college and the causes of autism, the performance of autistic children, how to treat and treat autistic patients and other professional knowledge, and also watched the on-site teaching of autistic children. An autistic child also performed the cucugreek flute on the scene, and everyone gave him encouraging applause。In the rehabilitation hall, there are several older children are receiving rehabilitation training, some of them are building blocks, some are doing handwork, and the teacher is constantly encouraging them。Dean Fan brought one of the children, ask the people at the scene to say a certain year, the child can immediately say the corresponding day of the week, it is very magical。

Organize into the "Lingxing Community"

Due to the impact of the epidemic, lack of funds and other reasons, most autism education institutions are facing closure。Upon learning this news, Gao Yueyang actively mobilized the youth group within the company and spontaneously organized to come to the Taiyuan Lingxing Community Service Center。After understanding the Lingxin community, Gao Yueyang decided to walk into this "autistic" children's home with everyone。In the beginning,Gao was worried that the children's strange behavior would frighten her colleagues,But what she didn't expect,Financial holding capital from organizations to individuals,From leaders to employees,It's like some kind of predestined relationship with the kids here,Offer to lend a helping hand,donation,He was helped by love in a difficult situation。

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Walking into the community, the founder of Lingxing movingly told you about the touching stories of overcoming all difficulties and persisting in running a school for these special children to receive education over the past 12 years。After that, five children with autism sang the song "Listen to me Say Thank You" under the guidance of the teacher, which won warm applause from the audience。Then I led the volunteers to visit the school, interact and play games with the children, and the children were no longer inhibited and slowly integrated into the school。Afterwards, the volunteers asked the children about their family status and physical condition, and suggested that they would like to help the children one-on-one for a long time。In the process of volunteering, everyone cooperated with each other and was full of enthusiasm. The head of the campus thanked everyone very much for coming。

In her opinion, the process of accompanying them is a wonderful experience, it is a kind of spontaneous emotion, a kind of love from the heart, and this kind of happiness from the heart is those "children of the stars" left me。However, looking at their dilapidated school buildings and simple learning conditions, it made Gao Yueyang and colleagues of Financial holding Capital very sad。They donated school supplies and some cash on the spot, and communicated with the dean, hoping to provide more help for the children。

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2022Under the leadership of the main leaders of the company, five employees of Financial Holding Capital formed a "gang one" group with five children of "Lingxing", and transferred funds to the school every month to support the life of these five poor students。Every month after that, the charity team of the Financial Holding Capital would take time to visit these children, and introduce friends around them to offer love and volunteer。The institute currently does not receive any government funding and relies entirely on donations from the public。Gao Yueyang and Financial Holding Capital have never stopped working to let more people know about this group of children and help them recover。

Ms. Li Xiaojiao, principal of "Lingxing", said that the company is a warm organization, and they are eager to participate in the care and rescue of autistic children from the bottom of their hearts, which truly reflects the volunteer service spirit of "dedication, friendship, mutual assistance and progress"。At the same time, President Li also called for the sincere hope that more enterprises like Financial holding Capital will pay attention to charity and devote themselves to public welfare。

I hope you will pay attention together The road to public welfare is non-stop

After the public welfare undertakings she insisted on were recognized and participated in by the organization, Gao Yueyang took the initiative to contact social welfare institutions such as Shanxi Children's Welfare Home and Kong Mother Orphanage to send them spiritual and material care。She also plans to lead the company's caring people to send warmth to Shanxi Social Children's Welfare home on a regular basis, and regularly mail books, clothing and daily necessities to poor and difficult areas such as Yimeng in Shandong and Liangshan in Sichuan。


When the COVID-19 epidemic swept Wuhan, Gao Yueyang donated money and materials to Wuhan by contacting nurses from the affiliated hospital of Shanxi Medical University, and donated epidemic prevention and relief supplies to many hospitals in Taiyuan through other social organizations such as the Overseas Returnees Association。"While providing help to others, I can also feel my own inner satisfaction and the realization of my own social value.。Today, Gao Yue Yang has been helping a difficult family, a college student and a primary school student。No matter how busy, the holiday will go to send warmth。

    Gao Yueyang said that in the future, we will continue to provide care for groups in need of help, and further increase attention to children, to create a more inclusive and warm environment for orphans and autistic children。Her hope is that these children can enjoy a better life like ordinary people in the future, and she also calls for more people to pay attention to and help them。

In 2021, Gao Yueyang was selected as the "upward Good" good youth of Taiyuan City, and her deeds were also reported by many media in the province。In the interview, she said, "I want to continue to use love and action to arouse the love of the whole society to warm those 'children from the stars' and let their lives have sunshine and color.。”