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Shanxi Finance Reguarantee Group Co., Ltd. is a provincial policy guarantee institution established by the provincial Party Committee and the provincial government to promote the development of small and micro enterprises and "agriculture, rural areas". It is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shanxi Finance Investment Holding Group Co., LTD。The company was formerly known as "Shanxi Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Credit Guarantee Co., LTD.", which was established in July 2000, restructured into "Shanxi Guoxin Financing ReGuarantee Co., LTD." in November 2015, and changed its name to "Shanxi Financing ReGuarantee Co., LTD." in June 2017.。In October 2018, it was renamed "Shanxi Financing Reguarantee Group Co., LTD."。By the end of 2018, registered capital188260The total assets are 2,367 million yuan。

Over the years, the company has adhered to the business policy of "conducting the province's industrial policy, improving the industry guarantee ability, guiding the industry to standardize operation, and resolving the industry guarantee risk", and carried out re-guarantee, financing guarantee, non-financing guarantee, start-up loan guarantee, entrusted loan, investment and financial management, enterprise consulting and other businesses。

Since its establishment,Steady development of the company,The ability to serve the real economy and small and micro enterprises has gradually become prominent,Economic and social benefits go hand in hand,In total, it has guaranteed nearly 60 billion yuan for more than 9,300 small, medium and micro enterprises and "agriculture, rural areas" customers in the province,Driving enterprises and agriculture, rural areas and farmers to increase sales revenue of about 100 billion yuan,Increased profits and taxes by about 10 billion yuan,More than 200,000 jobs have been created。The guarantee business scope covers 11 prefecture-level cities in the province, and carries out re-guarantee cooperation with 8 municipal guarantee institutions in the province, and the total amount of bank credit has exceeded 10 billion yuan, which has promoted the construction of the guarantee system in the province。Won the "National Ten Most Influential SME Credit Guarantee Institutions", "National Most Influential Reguarantee Institutions", "National SME Financing Guarantee Innovation Award"。

In the future, the company will continue to uphold the corporate culture of "integrity, integrity, pragmatism and innovation", further play the role of quasi-public products, serve the structural reform of the supply side of our province and the construction of comprehensive reform areas, and contribute more to the economic transformation and development of our province。