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Shanxi re-guarantee organization to carry out reading sharing activities

Release time: 2024-05-14 16:45:55Published by: Shanxi re-guarantee

Read a good book, understand a meaningful story, share a poetic feeling, feel the temperature between the lines of the book, meet a better self。In order to vigorously promote the construction of learning enterprises and enrich the cultural life of employees, on May 11, the League branch of Shanxi Re-guarantee Trade Union held the first reading sharing activity, and all employees of the group headquarters and Shanxi Rongdan participated in the activity。

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Event in progress,Three young employees first shared their reading experience,From "Deliberate practice", "10,000-hour genius theory", "Procrastination psychology" and other guidance books on personal growth,To Shi Tiesheng's "I and the Temple of Earth" such as full of philosophical classics,We talk about the experience of reading,Share knowledge,Exchange ideas,Fully show the Shanxi re-guarantee youth studious thinking, positive spirit。Afterwards, the three colleagues exchanged their learning experience of going to Tsinghua University for training, and they talked about their feelings, harvest, ideas and suggestions based on their actual work。

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 Guo Biao, Party secretary and chairman, also shared his reading experience。He said that the establishment of the body to establish learning first, the establishment of learning to read。He encouraged everyone to read more books in their spare time, read good books, acquire knowledge in reading, broaden their horizons, learn to cast soul, firm faith, learn to increase wisdom, enhance primary energy。He stresses,This year is the year of internal management improvement in the company,Carry out book-sharing activities,It is an important link to build a learning organization and cultivate knowledge workers,He called for "one book per person per month.",Integrate reading activities into your daily work life,Books increase wisdom,Cultivate ambition with books,Use reading to promote the development of the company,Breathe new life into the company。

2022年,足彩投注总书记在致首届全民阅读大会的贺信中指出:“希望全社会都参与到阅读中来,形成爱读书、读好书、善读书的浓厚氛围。Shanxi Re-guarantee through the holding of reading sharing activities, to build a good learning atmosphere, promote the construction of corporate culture, so that all employees in the common learning, sharing and cooperation exchange and mutual learning, a total of growth。