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Shanxi Reguarantee organized special training on macroeconomic and capital market outlook

Release time: 2024-05-14 16:49:42Published by: Shanxi re-guarantee

To comprehensively study and implement the spirit of the Central Economic Work Conference,Accurately grasp the overall requirements of current economic development and policy guidance,The morning of May 13th,The company held a special training on macroeconomic and capital market outlook,Invite Professor Li Zhan, Chief economist of China Merchants Fund,He gave a lecture entitled "Internal revenue, External Expansion and Balance: Macro Strategy Outlook for the second quarter of 2024"。

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In the training class,Professor Li Zhan is closely related to the current pulse of China's macroeconomic development,From the "domestic demand, overseas export, policy balance, industry configuration" four aspects,Use solid data and vivid examples,It explains in detail the reality of unbalanced recovery and insufficient domestic effective demand,Fiscal and monetary policies implemented by the state,And do a good job in the development of new quality productivity opportunities and challenges,The economic environment at home and abroad is analyzed scientifically,For key dividend assets, artificial intelligence, new energy vehicles and other hot industries were analyzed and judged,Combined with the economic characteristics of our province, the macro strategy of the second quarter is forecasted。

Mr. Li Zhan's lectures are themed and rich in content。Through the training, all employees have a clearer understanding and grasp of the current macroeconomic situation, and their sensitivity and coping ability to the changes in the macroeconomic situation have been further improved。Everyone has said that it is necessary to transform the knowledge and thinking results into the source and driving force to promote the high-quality development of the company, and provide solutions and important references for the company to explore new business directions and expand new business tracks。