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Shanxi re-guarantees to carry out "everyone speaks safety, everyone will respond to emergency" emergency rescue knowledge training

Post time: 2024-05-16 10:54:19Published by: Shanxi re-guarantee

In order to further popularize the company's staff safety emergency self-rescue knowledge, improve the staff emergency self-rescue and mutual rescue ability, on May 14, Shanxi Re-guarantee Group trade union invited Shanxi People's Hospital emergency rescue team to carry out "everyone speaks safety, everyone will respond to emergency" emergency rescue knowledge training。All staff of the Group headquarters and Shanxi Rongdan participated in the activity。

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In this training, the medical staff of Shanxi Provincial People's Hospital explained in detail the basic knowledge of emergency rescue and how to use the precious "golden four minutes" to implement emergency treatment methods, focusing on the operation steps and precautions of cardiopulmonary resuscitation and Heimlich first aid, and the use of AED defibrillator。In the training, combined with the usual life cases, simulated different types of patients, detailed explanation and practical demonstration of the "three unconscious" personnel rescue, "five steps of cardiopulmonary resuscitation" and "Rock, paper, scissors" Heimlich first aid method were carried out, vividly allowing the staff present to have a more intuitive understanding of first aid knowledge。

Then, we carried out emergency rescue practice in groups。In the process of operation, the medical team gives guidance hand by hand and corrects mistakes in time, so that everyone can truly grasp the standardized operation of first aid methods and ensure correct rescue in first aid work。Through the training, we have a further understanding of the importance of emergency rescue and operation methods, improve the awareness of emergency safety, and better grasp the practical ability of self-protection and self-rescue and mutual rescue。